Send WA chat using API with Wapibot

Whatsapp + API + chatBOT


Send your Whatsapp notification instantly

Wapibot is a non-official (unofficial API) Whatsapp remote API provider, which can be used to send chat messages via the Wapibot API or dashboard, the way Wapibot works is to remote the Whatsapp device connected to your Wapibot account and you can send chats via the Wapibot platform


The cheapest price per device than the others

You can start the Trial first before paying for 7 days


Free trial for 7 days, perfect for those who want to try it first for Sandbox needs

  • 100 Send chats
  • Accept incoming chat
  • ChatBOT
IDR 99.000 /Month

The Basic feature can send 10,000 chat messages a month, receive chat notifications through the Wapibot dashboard or webhook URL

  • 10.000 Send Chats
  • Accept incoming chat
  • ChatBOT
IDR 199.000 /Month

Premium features can send chats without restrictions, receive chat notifications entering the Wapibot dashboard or webhook URL, and the ChatBOT feature

  • Unlimited Send Chat
  • Accept incoming chat
  • ChatBOT